about us

Vita Sana was founded by Monika Kavipurapu, PhD, PharmD, CMT.

Monika has in-depth knowledge of women’s reproductive health, gained through 20+ years of research experience at leading research institutions. She has six years of postdoctoral experience in Reproductive Aging at Hillblom Center for the Biology of Aging at the University of California San Francisco, holds a PhD degree in Molecular Medicine (doctorum rerum medicinalium, magna cum laude) and a PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree with specialty in Drug Analysis.

She has published many articles in top-ranked peer-reviewed scientific journals and has spoken at multiple international conferences, to audiences ranging from the general public to Nobel Prize Winners.

Monika taught Human Anatomy at University of San Francisco and graduated with honors from the National Holistic Institute as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator. She is a cofounder of Magic Lens, a San Francisco company involved in design of medical devices.

While embarking on her own journey to motherhood Monika noticed the immense gap between the expectations and needs of women planning to get pregnant, expectant mothers, and new mamas and the current “standard of care” offered them.  

Monika founded Vita Sana to fill that gap in the current health care system, which has much to offer owing to great scientific strides in fertility and reproductive health, but at times can seem overly mechanized, impersonal, with standardization lending it a one-size-fits-all hue. Vita Sana strives instead to provide an individualized, holistic approach to women's health encompassing therapeutic massage, counseling, guidance, nutritional advise, stretches, exercise and yoga; all designed to promote female reproductive health.

Vita Sana can help concretize suggestions of medical practitioners by devising individualized exercise and diet plans, as well as provide information and input to complement, ease and enhance navigation of the standardized health care system.

Monika’s philosophy can be summarized in a few words: Happy Mama, Healthy Baby! Healthy Mama, Happy Baby!

To learn more about Monika’s professional qualifications please visit her LinkedIn page.

Her focus, attention, and intention were clearly on me. You can really tell - it makes a difference!
— Sarah
Monika was really welcoming and warm. She has a really calm presence.
— Barbara
Her communication along the way was on point.
— Jessica
It was wonderful! Monika really understands the body - particularly the pregnant body. Thank you!
— Molly
— Amanda
Monika is very welcoming and friendly. She made me feel comfortable to relax.
Great suggestions on what I can do at home.
— Lianne
Monika was terrific. Everything about the experience was perfect.
— Jenny
It was wonderful! Monika is fantastic and very knowledgeable.
— Molly
Very approachable and kind.
— Arlie
— Leigh