Holistic Integrative CARE for women Of childbearing Age



Vita Sana is a holistic, integrative wellness center focused on female fertility, pregnancy, postnatal health and well-being. 


Our practice is evidence-based and rooted both in Western and Eastern wisdom with the goal of supporting and enabling women on their journey through fertility and pregnancy to motherhood.

The Vita Sana Model of Care is based on the paradigm that no two women are the same and, therefore, every woman deserves fully customized and individualized support to achieve the healthiest pregnancy and motherhood.



Our Model of Care includes:

  • Nourish the mother-to-be's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self through therapeutic massage, counseling, nutritional advice, exercise, stretches and yoga.
  • Honor the cultural and personal uniqueness of the mother-to-be.
  • Create space for open, non-judgmental exchange of ideas, questions, concerns, surrounding fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenthood. 
  • Help navigate the medical system and devise strategies to minimize technological interventions.
  • Use globally-derived practices to help prepare for pregnancy, birth and to receive the baby.
  • Evidence-based practice rooted both in Western and Eastern wisdom.
  • Referrals to other practitioners, if needed.


about us

Vita Sana was founded by Monika Kavipurapu, PhD, PharmD, CMT.

Monika has in-depth knowledge of women’s reproductive health, gained through 20+ years of research experience at leading research institutions. She has six years of postdoctoral experience in Reproductive Aging at Hillblom Center for the Biology of Aging at the University of California San Francisco, holds a PhD degree in Molecular Medicine (doctorum rerum medicinalium, magna cum laude) and a PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree with specialty in Drug Analysis.

She has published many articles in top-ranked peer-reviewed scientific journals and has spoken at multiple international conferences, to audiences ranging from the general public to Nobel Prize Winners.

Monika taught Human Anatomy at University of San Francisco and graduated with honors from the National Holistic Institute as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator. She is a cofounder of Magic Lens, a San Francisco company involved in design of medical devices.

While embarking on her own journey to motherhood Monika noticed the immense gap between the expectations and needs of women planning to get pregnant, expectant mothers, and new mamas and the current “standard of care” offered them.  

Monika founded Vita Sana to fill that gap in the current health care system, which has much to offer owing to great scientific strides in fertility and reproductive health, but at times can seem overly mechanized, impersonal, with standardization lending it a one-size-fits-all hue. Vita Sana strives instead to provide an individualized, holistic approach to women's health encompassing therapeutic massage, counseling, guidance, nutritional advise, stretches, exercise and yoga; all designed to promote female reproductive health.

Vita Sana can help concretize suggestions of medical practitioners by devising individualized exercise and diet plans, as well as provide information and input to complement, ease and enhance navigation of the standardized health care system.

Monika’s philosophy can be summarized in a few words: Happy Mama, Healthy Baby! Healthy Mama, Happy Baby!

To learn more about Monika’s professional qualifications please visit her LinkedIn page.

Her focus, attention, and intention were clearly on me. You can really tell - it makes a difference!
— Sarah
Monika was really welcoming and warm. She has a really calm presence.
— Barbara
Her communication along the way was on point.
— Jessica
It was wonderful! Monika really understands the body - particularly the pregnant body. Thank you!
— Molly
— Amanda
Monika is very welcoming and friendly. She made me feel comfortable to relax.
Great suggestions on what I can do at home.
— Lianne
Monika was terrific. Everything about the experience was perfect.
— Jenny
It was wonderful! Monika is fantastic and very knowledgeable.
— Molly
Very approachable and kind.
— Arlie
— Leigh


Our Services


Prenatal & Postnatal Support

Pregnancy, birth, and the first few weeks after you bring your baby home are some of the most beautiful but also most challenging experiences you will go through in your life. This time in a woman’s life is truly transformational. It is a time of emotional growth, reflection, excitement and wonder. It is also a time of responsibility, when we have to take the best care of ourselves, both physically and emotionally, so that we can have the healthiest pregnancy and the healthiest baby possible.

Our Pre- & Postnatal Support Packages are specifically designed to nourish and guide the mother-to-be. During our many appointments together we will devise a customized plan to keep your body in the best possible shape, while nourishing your baby and taking care of your emotional growth as a mother.

We offer three levels of Packages: Basic, Standard and Deluxe, varying in cost, number of sessions, and number of appointments available at the client’s home.

Basic Package consists of 16 one-and-a-half-hour-long appointments: 10 prenatal (inclusive of two partner birth prep sessions) and 6 postnatal (including two infant massage instruction sessions). The price of the package includes two home visits.

Roughly 60 minutes of each appointment is dedicated to a nurturing massage, while the remaining 30 minutes is spent discussing topics ranging from healthy lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques, spiritual wellbeing) to preparation for birth and motherhood.

Additionally, during the period covered by your Pre- & Postnatal Support Package you may book any extra massages/sessions at 20% discount and you will receive continuous support over email.

Standard Package offers similar benefits to the Basic Package but consists of five more sessions for the total of 21 sessions: 12 prenatal and 9 postnatal (including 3 infant massage instruction sessions). The price of this package includes three home visits.

Deluxe Package offers the same benefits as the Standard Package but all appointments are two-hours-long and you may choose to have them all in the comfort of your home.

If you are interested in learning more about our Pre- & Postnatal Support Package please contact us directly through the form below or book a Pre- & Postnatal Support Package Introductory Session to assess mutual fit.


Prenatal Massage

Happy Mama, Healthy Baby!

During pregnancy a woman's body endures tremendous stress due to dramatic physical and emotional changes. Prenatal Massage helps ease the pain and discomfort associated with the changes taking place in a woman's body. It also improves breathing, reduces stress and leads to general relaxation. 

We offer two types of Prenatal Massage, each with its own unique benefits: the classical Western-style massage (Mama-West) and Eastern-style massage (Mama-East).

Our Signature Prenatal Mama-East Massage is deeply rooted in Eastern massage techniques. It incorporates elements of Thai, Japanese and Chinese massage techniques to help ease the pain and discomfort of pregnancy. It can be nurturing or therapeutic and is always adapted to meet the needs of the expecting mother and her baby.

The Prenatal Mama-West Massage is primarily based on the Swedish massage technique with elements of Deep Tissue and Trigger Point work. It is deeply relaxing both for the mother and the baby.

Let your happy hormones nurture your baby!



Postpartum Abdominal Massage

Postpartum Abdominal Massage is specifically designed to help women heal faster from the trauma of vaginal birth. It involves massaging the abdominal and pelvic area to support cleansing of the uterus from extra endometrial lining.

Abdominal massage also facilitates realignment of the internal organs misplaced during the pregnancy and increases blood flow to the area, speeding up physical, as well as emotional healing.



Cesarean Birth Scar Massage

Our Signature Cesarean Birth Scar Massage is specifically designed for women who gave birth through C-section. It involves massaging both the surgical scar and its surrounding areas to avoid the build up of scar tissue and adhesions that can ultimately restrict a full return to health.

Pelvic organ dysfunction, scar pain, sensations of restriction, lower back pain, and even infertility are commonly associated with C-section surgery and are largely due to post-surgical adhesions. Cesarean Birth Scar Massage helps to break these unwanted adhesions preventing long-term health problems. It also increases blood flow to the abdomen and the pelvic area, speeding up healing after the pregnancy and birth.

Please wait until your Cesarean Birth Scar heals before you book this appointment.



Well-Mama Massage

Being a new mom is hard! Bring your body back into alignment with this restorative massage fully customized to your body's needs. While we work on your physical ailments, allow yourself to take a break, get pampered, relax, and reconnect with your pre-Mama self.



Infant Massage

Caring human touch is crucial for the health and thriving of the baby. The benefits of massaging your infant include improved growth and development of the brain and nervous system, strengthening of the immune system, and increased quality of sleep. Additionally, the massage of the abdominal area improves the function of the digestive system, helps reduce gas and “colic.” It is also a wonderful way for parents to connect with their baby.

During the session, we will go over the basics of Infant Massage and together we will design a 10-minute massage sequence specifically optimized for your infant. At the end of our appointment you will be able to perform this 10-minute massage on your baby.


Fertility optimization 

Whether you have just started thinking about expanding your family or are facing immediate fertility challenges, our Fertility Support Package is a great way to put your body, mind and soul on the fast track to the healthiest pregnancy you can have!

During six two-hour long appointments we will devise a plan to bring your body into the best possible shape, while nourishing your inner sense of calm, competence and wellbeing. We will spend roughly half of each one of our appointments on a nurturing Fertility Massage and the other half discussing topics ranging from fertility-promoting lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques, spiritual wellbeing) to support in navigating the fertility process with its myriad of choices and decisions at every step.  

Typically, we would meet once every 4 to 5 weeks, over a period of 4 to 6 months, depending on your specific situation and needs. During that time, in addition to scheduled appointments, extra massages/sessions can be booked at a 20% discount and I am available to answer any further questions you may have over email.

If you are interested in learning more about our Fertility Support Package please contact us directly through the form below or book a Fertility Support Package Introductory Session to assess mutual fit.

With the right tools, nourishment, some hard work and commitment you can support your body in achieving optimal fertility and health.


Fertility Massage

East meets West in this rejuvenating, relaxing and rebalancing massage aimed at improving female fertility and supporting reproductive health. Our unique style of Fertility Massage uses a wide range of massage techniques from Asian Organ Massage, Acupressure and Reflexology through Deep Tissue massage and Myofascial Release.

The benefits of Fertility Massage include promoting hormonal balance, repositioning reproductive and digestive organs to an optimal position, increasing blood circulation and oxygenation of the reproductive organs, helping break up scar tissue after abdominal surgeries, as well as reduction in stress and stress hormones.



Monika was FANTASTIC!! A true gem with incredible talent.
One of the most relaxing massages I have ever received. So soothing & healing at the same time.
Very warm and welcoming personality. Thank you!!
— Suzanne
Monika clearly explained how the session was organized and what I should expect. Following the session she gave me a good debrief and tips on stretches that would benefit me.
The massage was perfect. It achieved my goal of de-stressing me – at times I even fell asleep!
Great experience - Have booked again for next week!
— M.P.
Amazing! I will definitely be returning and recommending to others.
Monika took great care and explained prenatal massage to me.
My back feels so much better. Pressure and touch were perfect!
Amazing first prenatal experience!
Thank you, Monika!
— Tara
Monika’s communication before, during and after was probably the best I received so far. I like how she asked about my expectations/goals.
— Alison
I really appreciated Monika’s comments at the end of the session. She let me know of areas that I have more tightness and tension that I did not even realize!
— Emma
Extremely relaxing massage. I feel so rested I hope my fiance can drive us home :)
Great ideas on how I can help myself between the sessions.
Thank you for helping me to relieve the stress.
— Suzanna
So great :) Thanks!
— Maria
Monika has a really nice touch, warm but also firm when it needs to be and gentle if it needs to be.
She suggested some great stretches to do at home. We also talked about some trigger points she discovered on my neck.
— Barbara
— Susan
Monika is very welcoming and calm. The massage felt totally luxurious, but at the same time she really worked out the rough spots. Great follow-up tips.
— Dina
Everything was wonderful!
— Michelle
I am a big fan of Monika’s massage - this was a repeat visit and I always feel great after her treatment!!
— Elizabeth
So fabulous! Thank you.
— R.A.
Great pressure and pace! Just awesome!
— T.
Monika is definitely very professional, friendly, and welcoming.
Really great job at finding my knots/sore spots and working on them thoroughly. Sometimes I feel like some massage therapists go through their routine, but Monika really customized the massage to my specific needs. Also, awesome strong pressure!
Great communication re my pain spots (ahead of massage) and checking in on pressure level, etc (during massage). Provided great tips at the end to further work on my sore spots.
Thank you again!!
— Geraldine
I get massages quite frequently and I would not hesitate to hire Monika again. She is very talented and seems as though she’s been doing this for years. Thank you!
— Elizabeth
Really good massage! I’ve had one prenatal massage before and this was much better! Monika really focused on the areas I requested. My previous experience was that there was a “formula” but this felt individualized and so relaxing and helpful! Thank you!
— Adryn




DEAR Clients:

Starting April 1st, 2019, I will be only offering at-home massage services. Please contact me via email (info@VitaSanaSF.com) or text message (415.663.6987) to schedule your appointment. At the same time, I am expending my services from San Francisco to Palo Alto.





If you would like to know more about our services or model of care, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 



Vita Sana

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